High-End Two-Way Wireless Security 

The sophisticated iConnect system, with its sleek design, serves as the command center for a residential and small commercial Security and Home Automation network.

Powered by the full range of ELAS remote management functions, iConnect effortlessly integrates remote signaling from end-users, monitoring stations, service providers and technicians. The ELAS enables remote programming and maintenance of the iConnect system by Internet or smartphones, built-in interface with PSTN/GSM/GPRS communication modules, configuration of email and SMS event notification to users, and much more.

The two-way wireless RF technology built into iConnect also enables the use of PIR Cameras for event triggered video images and clips, as well as video verification. The compatible EL two-way peripherals communicate with the iConnect control panel and respond to RF signals with top-level data security. Designed for superior efficiency, the peripherals only respond to signals when the control panel is armed, and then they act with enhanced speed to minimize energy consumption and signal traffic congestion.

Main Features

Two-way wireless FM technology

PSTN/IP/GSM/GPRS communication modules

Event reporting – IP/GPRS with GSM backup (Voice or SMS SIA/CID)

Email/SMS/voice event notifications to end users

Advanced remote management features for users – Web and smartphone applications

Event-triggered initiation of two-way voice communication – full duplex/simplex

Remote programming, firmware updates and maintenance

Frequency options: 868, 433MHz

IP protocol via the Internet (no need for static IP)

Up to two optional wired zone expander for an additional 8-16 wired zones

Programmable output for wired siren

Wired programming keypad

Sleek, high-end design

Complies with EN-50131-3 Grade 2 Class II


Video verification

User initiated  images

Video look-in

Advanced Installer Tools

Menu-driven programming for quick and easy installation

Remote Firmware Upgrades via IP or GPRS

Advanced remote programming software

  - Fast up/downloading via PSTN, IP, GSM or GPRS

  - Upload status of all wireless devices

Installer built-in utilities

   - Real-time transmitter list and status, visible and audible signal strength meter

   - GSM network coverage indication

   - Smart walk test; transmitter test; wireless siren test; internal siren test; interface test

   - Receiver quality measurement to evaluate signals in the same frequency